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3 Horror Stories Animated (Compilation of Jan. 2021)

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Welcome to Horrorer, Horrorrer like to share 3 very nice Horror Stories Animated, don’t miss it, watch it now!

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The first Horror Story Animated is ALMA, On a chilly day in Barcelona, Alma comes wandering down a quiet alley. Experiencing a wall with names of different kids, she after that composes her very own name. Stunned by a noise of mechanical blockages behind her, she turns carefully about and finds a doll, on display screen in a shop window, that looks the same to her. Oddly, she tries to enter the shop just to locate that the door is secured. In stress, Alma throws a snowball at the door. Thinking the store is shut, Alma starts to leave before the door instantly opens. Alma gets in the store.

As Alma strolls in, she is presented with racks loaded with dolls. Elated, she notices the doll of herself on a table. Walking in the direction of it, she trips over a tiny plaything of a boy riding a bicycle. The plaything pedals throughout the flooring as well as heads to the leave however the door closes prior to the toy can leave. Alma begins to climb up a rack to get to the doll. The minute she touches the doll, she locates herself taking a look at the store below from the doll’s perspective.

Unable to move and trapped, Alma notices every one of the various other dolls whose eyes blink back at her. A different doll is instantly raised in the shop’s display window…

Original Video from:

ALMA – best animated short film ¦ Horror movie – cgi animation award winning
By Sisi Aprilia
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The second Horror Story Animated is Scottie, a little Scottie was awakened by the noise downstairs, and he went downstairs curiously to see what happened. When he got downstairs, he was startled by the scene downstairs and the spoopy doll. . .

Original Video from:

Scottie Animated Horror Short
By David Romero
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The third Horror Story Animated is Crossing, the story is about on the way back from a visit, a father and his daughter meet with an accident that will make him rethink his actions.

Original Video from:

Crossing (Animated Shortfilm)
By TotemPlay
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